Bridging east and West through Education

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Bridging East and West through Education

Abridge EduCamp launched in 2018 with the aim of facilitating cultural exchange between the UK and China. 

We now offer a range of programs for students to volunteer in China, teaching English while experiencing Chinese culture and learning some of the language.

Our aims are:


Progress so far

Our Programs

The EduCamp program offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to volunteer for 2-6 weeks teaching English or STEM at summer camps across China.

We work with a wide range of camps, from project-based science camps and university preparation camps to not-for-profit English language and culture programs.

The fully-funded EduCare program offers UK students a 1.5 – 12 month aupair program in cities across China. 

Participants will teach English to their host family while attending Chinese language classes or an internship alongside cultural activities, meet-ups, trips and more.

Our online academy offers courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

These courses are offered to those participating in our EduCamp or EduCare programs, and are available at an affordable price to others interested in teaching English abroad.


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