East Tennessee State University student Haley spent one month in summer 2018 volunteering as an English teacher in Beijing.

How was your experience on the program?

My experience in China was phenomenal! I met so many different people as well as students and teachers from different walks of life. I learned so much from these people. 

I took away many lessons as well and I learned so much about myself by teaching! I also got to experience how open and friendly the people of China really are.

This definitely was an experience of a lifetime and one I would recommend to all.

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Would you recommend the program to a friend and why?

Yes I would because with this program it helped me grow as an individual and to help me see my true potential.

What did you learn from taking part in the program?

I learned many things — different ways to teach as well as learning how to be adaptable to the students learning styles.

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How will the program help with your future career/ studies?

The program has helped me land an assistant teaching position in my hometown. But I’m sure it’ll take me even further!

What was your favourite/ most memorable moment?

I loved the bonfire nights with the students! I loved to see them light up with the idea of creating their own performance and showcasing it to everyone.

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