Anthropology student Leanna spent summer 2017 volunteering as an English teacher at summer camps in Yangjiang and Beijing, China. 

How was your experience on the program?

I had such a wonderful time teaching and exploring China this summer! The children who attended the summer camp were so bright and lovely, and all of the administration, faculty, and staff wanted to ensure that everyone was safe, comfortable, and having a blast!


What are your favourite memories from camp?

Some of my favorite times were traveling with the children, watching them be intrigued by their own history and culture, and always wanting to show me something beautiful, like a museum shop of traditional pottery, or having me try some new food at an incredible food market! 

The children were so sweet and caring, at the beginning of camp many of them were not so sure they wanted to be there, but by the end they didn’t want camp to be over, showering me with hugs, photos, and so many thank yous.

Would you recommend the program to a friend, and why?

A big thank you for such an amazing opportunity to have so many phenomenal experiences and learn so much about China, I truly have the greatest appreciation and would definitely recommend the program to friends!


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