Nellie majors in Social Development Studies at the University of Waterloo.

She spent five weeks in summer 2017 volunteering at four summer camps in Shijiazhuang and Beijing, where she taught English to over 400 students. 

How was your experience on the program?

By far one of the best experiences! I have learned so much about my potential that I didn’t know existed when it came to teaching. 

It was such a privilege teaching the students and bonding with them. They had so much enthusiasm and drive to learn English and putting it into practice. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing and seeing the evidence that I’ve made an impact on the students’ lives.


How was the support at camp?

The staff as well truly made me feel at home, they were nothing but kind, loving and accommodating. I found a home away from home in the five weeks of teaching.

What did you gain from taking part in the program?

I laugh thinking back to all those fun memories. The experience truly made me realize my passion for education!


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