Southampton student Pascal spent one month in summer 2018 volunteering as an English teacher in Beijing.

How was your experience on the program?

The program was a great experience for personal growth and learning. It was well organised even with some difficulties at the start and upon arriving, the organisers did well to get us settled.

Teaching the kids was exciting and challenging at times but always rewarding.


Would you recommend the program to a friend and why?

Yes, it beats any other summer camp programme I know of and is a good experience.

What did you learn from taking part in the program?

A lot of personal development, improved mandarin and better understanding of Chinese culture.

Teach English at summer camps in China, Taiwan and Japan

How will the program help with your future career/ studies?

There were many transferable skills but most notably interpersonal skills when working with groups or transfering information.

What was your favourite/ most memorable moment?

The Bonfire Nights and emotional goodbyes!


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