Opera Mask Making

Shenzhen EduCare au pairs enjoyed a fun afternoon making traditional Chinese opera masks!

The history of opera masks

One of the traditional art forms in Chinese culture, opera has been around for centuries and exists in a variety of styles across China.

Common to all are the brightly coloured opera masks, which represent a character’s personality, mood and role in the storyline.


Opera Mask Painting

The Shenzhen au pairs enjoyed a relaxed afternoon painting their opera masks with brightly coloured designs and patterns.

Traditionally, actors would switch their masks round to represent a change in emotions during a performance, which some of the au pairs represented by wearing two masks, one on each side of the head! 

Fashion show

After a fun couple of hours painting, the au pairs put on their masks to show off all their hard work! 

They had each painted different designs and colours, resulting in a fantastic display!


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