Shaoxing wine trip

Shanghai Homestay Tutors enjoyed a day trip to the nearby town of Shaoxing, learning about the traditional wine culture there and exploring ancient sights.


An ancient water town built along a maze of canals, Shaoxing is one of the oldest towns in Zhejiang province, with a history of over 2500 years. 

Shaoxing has several claims to fame – it is the birthplace of the writer Lu Xun, hosts the ancestral home of Zhou Enlai, and (of particular interest to our visiting homestay tutors) is the producer of Shaoxing rice wine. 

Our homestay tutors spent a day exploring Shaoxing, visiting ancient sights, learning about its ancient culture at the museum, and participating in a Shaoxing wine experience workshop led by local experts.

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Museum visit

Homestay tutors started their day in the local museum, learning about the ancient history and cultures of this area. 

Shaoxing has over 2500 years of history, resulting in a huge range of important events and crafts which have developed in the area.

Wine workshop

Unlike many western wines, which are made from fermented grapes, Shaoxing wine is made from rice. 

Homestay tutors enjoyed an insightful workshop led by expert wine producers in Shaoxing, learning about the various stages involved in the production of Shaoxing rice wine.

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Wine tasting

No winery trip would be complete without some wine tasting! 

Our homestay tutors learnt about the ancient wine culture and traditions, in particular how the locals drink wine at social gatherings. Then they put it all into practice by tasting a variety of local rice wines.

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