Spend your vacation teaching and exploring China...

Special discounts and fast-track applications for China Futures Society members!

The China Futures Society has partnered with Abridge Academy to offer you access to their programs in China, where you can teach English to Chinese students whilst learning Chinese, experiencing the culture and exploring cities across China.

China Futures Society members will benefit from fast-track applications across all programs as well as a 10% discount off the summer camp program with the code ChinaFutures!

Apply now to make the most of this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture on a student budget!

Meet your Abridge Ambassador!

Alex is studying Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh and is Head of Academics at the Chinese Futures Society. He currently tutors with our Star Mentor program and is planning to join the Homestay Tutor program next summer! 

As your Abridge Ambassador, Alex can answer any questions you have about our programs as well as offer top tips on the application process!