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EduCamp Yangjiang

teach in Yangjiang this summer

A smaller town in South China’s Guangdong province, Yangjiang offers a more rural summer camp experience. The host school is newly renovated, providing more comfortable living accommodations and excellent classroom facilities.

  • Three 10-day camps over 5 weeks
  • Early July - mid August
  • Teach English language and culture
  • Students aged 6-16
  • Students from host school and surrounding rural areas
  • Run by the private school on a not-for-profit basis
  • Flight tickets booked by the school
  • Accommodation and meals included
  • 2000 RMB pocket money allowance
  • Trips to famous local sights and other cities
  • Cultural workshops and activities
  • New friends for life

about the camp

Yangjiang Schedule


Teach English as a Foreign Language, generally for three classes per day. At the Yangjiang camp, each class has around 20 students and you’ll typically stay with the same group for the duration of each camp.

You will usually have the assistance of a bilingual teaching assistant or co-teacher, but are required to develop lesson plans and materials yourself.

afternoon activities

Each afternoon, the school runs fun activities for the students, which interns are highly encouraged to join in. These are always hugely popular, providing an opportunity to relax and get to know your students in a more relaxed environment.

In the past, this has included fun team building games, a tug of war, and arts and crafts workshops.


evening competitions

While interns will have some evenings free, most will be dedicated to camp activities such as competitions and games.

Previously this has included a talent show, speaking competition and bonfire party. 

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