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EduCare Program

Homestay in China

As the official Lopair representative for UK and Western Europe, we offer short and long term EduCare placements in China. Live with a Chinese host family, experiencing local life while studying Chinese and participating in cultural activities. 

As an extra bonus, all participants who apply via Abridge EduCare will receive a free TEFL course and the opportunity to join our facebook groups, where you can get to know participants from all our programs and discuss travel plans!

Application process


Start by completing our simple application form. 

This enables us to check that you meet the essential eligibility requirements as well as find out about your interest in the program and any relevant experience.


If you pass the initial screening process, we’ll invite you to an informal Skype interview to discuss your interest in the program and confirm eligibility.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you have about the EduCare program.

    Document collection

    To facilitate host family matching, you will be required to provide:

    • Letter to host families
    • Five photos of you engaging in fun everyday activities
    • Copy of your passport data page
    • Copy of your student ID card

    Family Matching

    The next step is to discuss with the Chinese team about your experiences and interests. They will then contact suitable host families, with whom you will have informal interviews. 

    This is both an opportunity for the potential host families to assess you, and for you to get to know them.


    Once you have been successfully placed with a host family, the placement process in completed through signing an agreement, completing the medical check, applying for a Chinese visa and paying the 150 USD deposit.


    Once your place has been confirmed on the program, you will be sent an email with all the details of the next steps, including flight booking and visa application information.


    Common F.a.q

    Short and long term participants will be expected to tutor their new brothers and sisters English as well as help with light household chores. 

    You will, however, get some time off to explore, and some host families have been known to take their au pairs/ tutors on trips to nearby cities.

    Eligibility criteria vary by program, please see the details on each program’s page. 

    It is important to check that you are eligible for the program before applying, as those who do not meet the essential eligibility criteria will not be considered.

    Absolutely not, don’t worry! You will be provided with full in-country support as well as 5+ hours per week of Mandarin lessons. If you don’t speak Chinese, you will be placed with a host family with a sufficient level of English for basic communication.

    If you are interested in being placed in the same city as your friend, please mention their name on your initial application form. Although every effort is made to accommodate your request, it can not be guaranteed.

    The majority of participants do not know anyone before they come, don’t worry! We put you in touch with other EduCare participants (from all locations) before departure via a dedicated facebook group, enabling you to get to know each other and plan post-camp travels if you wish.

    During the EduCare program, you will also have the opportunity to meet new friends through language classes, cultural workshops or meet-ups.

    We aim to make the application process as smooth as possible. However, matching you with a suitable host family is our number one priority. Since this can take a while, please apply at least 2 months prior to your desired start date.

    The EduCare includes flights or a monthly allowance, accommodation, 5+ hours of Chinese language classes per week, 1+ cultural class per month, family activities/ trips and comprehensive insurance.

    Please see full details on each program’s page.

    We encourage participants to apply for additional funding which may be available through their university or college. 

    At the initial application form stage, applicants can express a preference for particular locations. As far as possible, we try to accommodate this. However, we cannot guarantee this as our number one priority must be to place you with the best host family.

    Host families are typically relatively well-off, and so live in comfortable apartments in well-developed cities. Participants will be provided with their own room, usually ensuite.

    Au pairs will be issued with visa invite letters, which you can use to apply for a student (X) or cultural exchange (F) visa at your local Chinese visa application centre. Further details and support will be provided to successful applicants.

    Ready to apply?