Teach English to your host family while studying or interning in Shanghai

Study/ Intern in Shanghai

Study / intern program

Perfect for your summer holiday or gap year, this program offers a fantastic opportunity to experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin or complete a professional internship and explore this incredible country from the inside.

This program combines our popular homestay with a study  program or internship in Shanghai. You will typically spend your mornings studying or interning, while funding your stay in the afternoons by tutoring the child of your host family English. 



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Common F.a.q

Tutors will be expected to tutor their new brothers and sisters English.

You will, however, get some time off to explore, and many host families have been known to take their tutors on trips to nearby cities.

Tutors can choose to complete a part-time internship at a local company. There is no cost for this internship, however it is unpaid (it is not common in China to be paid for an internship).

Once you have been successfully placed with a host family, you will be able to discuss your internship preferences further. In the past, it has been possible to place interns in sectors such as e-commerce, translation, business management, marketing, engineering, law, teaching and scientific research. 

To apply, you will need to send us your CV and details on the business areas you would be interested in. 

If you intend to complete an internship, we recommend applying early to maximise your chances of being offered a place in your preferred business area.

Tutors can choose to study at a local university or Chinese language school. Chinese universities offer a wide variety of subjects, with many international students choosing to study intensive Chinese language programs, Masters degrees in international business, or even training as doctors through internationally-recognised MBBS courses. 

Assistance will be provided to those accepted into the program to find a suitable university / language school near your host family with a high teaching quality and good international reputation. 

Additionally, we can support tutors in applying for scholarships to support their studies. There are some very generous scholarships available through the China Scholarship Council, Confucius Institutes, and individual universities themselves. However, we recommend applying early as scholarship deadlines can be as early as January for courses starting each September. There are usually no scholarships available for summer language studies, although those currently studying at universities outside of China may find that their home university offers funding for summer studies abroad. 

Absolutely not, don’t worry! Tutors will be provided with full in-country support. If you don’t speak Chinese, you will be placed with a host family with a sufficient level of English for basic communication.

Interns who are interested in learning Chinese can choose the study option to attend classes at a local university or language centre at their own cost (scholarships available – see details above).

We always love participants to recommend their friends and do our best to place them nearby. Please ask your friends to mention your name on the application form.

The majority of tutors do not know anyone before they come, don’t worry! We put you in touch with other participants (from our programs in all locations) before departure via a dedicated facebook group, enabling you to get to know each other and plan travels if you wish.

During the program, you will also have the opportunity to meet new friends through cultural activities and meet-ups.

We aim to make the application process as smooth as possible. However, matching you with a suitable host family is our number one priority. Since this can take a while, please apply at least 6 weeks prior to your desired start date.

We encourage participants to apply for additional funding which may be available through their university or college.You may also have to pay for flights, visa application fees, a police record check and medical check. Additionally, any further travels, evenings out or shopping will require budgeting for.

As mentioned above, there are also many scholarships available for international students to fund university-level studies in China. These are available through external organisations such as the China Scholarship Council, Confucius Institute or universities themselves. Support in applying for a scholarship will be provided to successful applicants, but please do note that scholarship deadlines are often in January/ February for Chinese language or degree programs starting in September. 

Host families are typically relatively well-off, and so live in comfortable apartments in well-developed cities. Tutors will be provided with their own room, usually ensuite.

We will assist successful applicants in applying for the most suitable visa for their program choice. For those studying at a university or language school, they will receive an invite letter from the institution which can be used to apply for a student (X) visa. For those on the internship or tutor-only options, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. 

Our partner organisation (International Tutor Shanghai) offers a high level of support for tutors, and has been particularly praised by previous participants for their assistance.

All host families are thoroughly screened before the matching process, and a local coordinator will visit at least once during your stay to ensure everything is going well. You will also have their contact details for assistance at any time during the program.

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