Spend 6-8 weeks discovering China for free!

Short-term Homestay Tutor

Discover China

Perfect for your summer holiday or gap year, the FREE short-term homestay tutor program offers a fantastic opportunity to experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin and explore this incredible country from the inside.


  • 6-8 weeks
  • Teach English and assist with light housework
  • 35 hours tutoring and 1 full day off per week
  • Free flights, accommodation and insurance
  • Free Chinese classes, cultural activities and welcome tour
  • No program fee


  • Current university student or recent graduate
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Aged 18-29 on the first day of the program
  • Open to the Chinese culture and lifestyle
  • Enjoy caring for children
Qixing Aupair 1
  • I had an amazing time. I got to experience the main attractions and life in Shenzhen, as well as the opportunity to go to Huizhou and Guangzhou with the family. 


  • I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone interested in China. It is a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in a Chinese speaking environment so your listening and speaking skills will benefit massively!


  • This is an amazing program and has been such a great experience! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who loves adventures and working with children!!


  • I had an absolutely fantastic time! I stayed with the family and I taught the 16-year-old boy English. We had more or less a brotherly relationship, so far that we loved going out together, playing sports, going to the gym, hanging out together and learning some English.



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The capital and cultural hub of China, Beijing is home to all its must-see sights. Spend your spare time hiking the Great Wall, exploring the Forbidden City, or cycling through ancient alleyways. There's plenty to see off the main tourist trail as well, and your host family will be more than happy to show you around while introducing local customs and cuisine.


The financial heart of China, Shanghai stuns foreign visitors with it's impressive skyline and fantastic shopping opportunities. But explore beyond the westernised centre to discover ancient temples and local restaurants, sampling traditional Chinese culture hidden within this modern metropolis.


Just a short train ride from Shanghai, Hangzhou offers a more relaxed way of life in a comfortable, well-developed city. Centred around the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou is famous for its greenery and parks. Participants can stroll along the waterfront, explore ancient temples, and hike among traditional tea plantations.


A modern, financial city, Shenzhen offers all the western comforts in a less touristy city than Shanghai. Located on the border with Hong Kong, Shenzhen was once a large manufacturing centre. Now it is home to some of China's biggest technology companies and is a major innovation hub, providing participants with unparalleled insights into the Chinese business culture.

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