Partner Camps

The Abridge EduCamp program offers partner camps a convenient camp counsellor or tutor recruitment platform with significant benefits – from candidate screening to high quality, accredited training.

Who do we work with?

We partner with a diverse range of camps across Asia. This includes general English camps, performing arts camps, outdoor adventure camps, university preparation camps and subject-based camps.

Additionally, we put a strong emphasis on cultural exchange, and require partner camps to provide opportunities for EduCampers to discover the local culture or language through activities and trips.

Teaching English classes

Why Abridge EduCamp?

Top Candidates

Our EduCampers are typically native English speakers, study at the world’s top universities, and have previous teaching or coaching experience.

In 2019, over 80% of EduCampers came from the UK or USA, 70% studied Oxbridge or Ivy League universities, and all have relevant previous experience.

Candidate Screening

Do you find yourself wasting hours sifting through ineligible applications and carefully wording rejection emails? We pre-screen all candidates, so you can be confident that all meet our minimum eligibility criteria, have had their documents checked (including police record checks) and paid a deposit to ensure their commitment before connecting with you.

Easy Recruitment

Our user-friendly online platform enables you to browse verified candidates or receive applications from them directly, easily schedule interviews and discuss next steps. 

We have also developed a comprensive yet flexible onboarding system to help you recruit and prepare incoming camp counsellors.

Accredited Training

We provide all EduCampers with our internationally accredited 120 hour online TEFL training course. This was custom developed for summer camp counsellors, with specialisms available in experiential learning or content and language integrated learning (CLIL). 

Additionally, we offer them free access to our database of over 150 summer camp lesson plans and resources, great to get them started on classroom-based camps!


The Abridge EduCamp program is funded by a combination of program fees from camp counsellors and sponsorship from partner schools. However, as a social enterprise we aim to keep the program as affordable as possible for all parties, and so our fees are considerably less than others in the industry.


Partner camps are required to fund the essential costs for camp counsellors, including:
- Flight tickets
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Visa fee

In general, we advise camps to budget £800-£1000 per camp counsellor for these costs.

Alternatively, if local visa regulations permit, you may choose to pay a weekly salary amounting to a similar or greater value over the duration of the program.


For your first year as a partner camp, we change zero fees, enabling you to try out the platform before committing further.

For charity and not-for-profit camps, we continue to charge no fees as part of our commitment to social impact.

For for-profit camps, we will discuss with you a suitable pricing model after your free trial year depending on your situation and the number of camp counsellors you recruit.