Teach Science through project-based learning in this historic city

StudyCamp Taiyuan-Qingdao

teach Science in two historic cities this summer

The perfect camp for STEM students hoping to share their love of science with young, enthusiastic Chinese students. This smaller-scale camp will offer around five volunteers a unique teaching program in the historic city of Taiyuan and coastal town of Qingdao, each just a couple of hours from Beijing.

  • Two 5-day camps
  • 6th - 21st July
  • Teach science through project-based learning
  • Students aged 6-12
  • Students from partner schools
  • For-profit camp
  • Flight tickets booked by the school
  • Accommodation and meals included
  • Trips to famous local sights
  • Cultural workshops and activities

about the camp

Taiyuan-Qingdao Schedule


Teach introductory physics classes to your students, covering topics such as forces, motion and dynamics. These should provide students with a solid theoretical understanding to then apply to their projects.

You will usually have the assistance of a bilingual teaching assistant or co-teacher, but are required to develop lesson plans and materials yourself.


For around three hours per day, you will be helping students work on their aerospace projects. They will need to work through the design, modelling and testing phases, competing in small teams to create the best aeroplane or rocket.

These projects are the main focus of the camp, providing students with a fantastic opportunity to put their learning into practice.


Outside of the academic classes and workshops, the camp will also be running some more relaxed activities such as sports and games for the students.

These are a great chance to get to know your kids in a more informal environment, joining them in the activities.


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